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In-Ground Traditional Burial

A traditional in-ground burial consist of selecting a gravesite (a single or double deep grave option is available), the opening and closing (preparation of the gravesite for the burial interment), the foundation and / or setting fee for the memorial marker (flush or raised stone to be installed at the gravesite).  The section determines the stone appropriate for the grave space.

In-Ground Cremation (In A Grave)

There are several in-ground cremation sections in the cemetery.  To bury a cremation (ashes) in-ground a cultured marble urn is required and / or an urn vault.  Families also have the option of purchasing a full grave to inter the ashes of their loved ones.  Since a cremation burial is significantly smaller the cemetery will allow for the mutiple cremation burials in the same grave. 

Above-Ground Cremation (In A Columbarium / Niche)

A Columbarium is an above-ground structure used to store and protect urns holding the ashes of people who have been cremated.  The Garden of Angels (located in section 17 / 18) and the Garden Niche North (located in section 16) columbarium units are composed of small wall spaces called niches.  Each niche can accommodate up to two (2) urn (s) or containers for ashes.  Prices for the columbarium will vary depending on the location. 

Flush Head Stones & Monuments

  • Sections that are designated as flush only headstones may not exceed 36 inches in length on a single grave.
  • If a headstone is to be placed over two (2) graves the stone cannot exceed five (5′) in length.
  • Raised monuments cannot exceed forty-two (42″) in height.                                                                                                                 

The individual or family will need to decide if they want a raised or flush marker / stone.  This will determine what section(s) of the cemetery can accommodate their needs.  A flush marker can be placed anywhere in the cemetery.  A raised stone can only be in a section or row which permits monuments.

Multiple Option (Two (2) or More)

  • Multiple FULL burials per grave = 1 1/2 times the cost of the grave at the current rate
  • Multiple CREMATION burials per grave = 1 1/3 times the cost of the grave at the current rate (maximum of 3 urns)

Graveside Services

Graveside funeral services are also called direct burials.  Graveside services are generally briefer and are held at the place of interment in the cemetery.  It is typically limited to family members only as part of their farewell to a loved one.