Pre-Need Planning

The decision to pre-arrange your cemetery needs is a very sound financial decision that gives you a peace of mind. Most families find themselves poorly prepared to handle the issues, decisions and the financial burden experienced from the death of a loved one.

Pre–Need Planning Has Many Benefits

  • The selection of the grave space can be decided by the couple or family members, guaranteeing that everyone involved is satisfied
  • A husband and wife can decide together and share their thoughts, saving one or the other heartache and the financial hardship at the time of need
  • The cost of burial services and plots have increased on a yearly basis, pre–need planning locks in those costs at today’s prices
  • Payments for services and plots can be made over a time of 12 months with no interest after a down payment of 50% is made.
  • Grief when a death happens among family and friends has a very traumatic impact and requires a very long healing time.  Pre–need planning gives everyone peace of mind.

Immediate Needs
The loss of a loved one, expected or unexpected, creates many responsibilities for family members and friends. Woodvale Cemetery strives in making immediate needs burial arrangements as easy as possible. The staff will work with you to find the right burial option for your loved one while honoring the wishes and dignity of the deceased.

We will work with you offering a range of costs and a variety of locations throughout the cemetery. Please contact us to learn more about pre–planning or immediate needs and learn more about the burial options that are available.