Burial Choices

Woodvale Cemetery has provided exceptional service for families of all denominations and communities for over 160 years.  We will continue to strive in accommodating families during their time of need by providing a variety of burial options. 

When asking yourself about your cemetery needs there are a few questions to think about:

1. Would I prefer traditional in–ground burial (casket) or cremation?

2. If cremation is my choice, would I like to be interred in an above-ground niche or in–ground burial?

3. What type of headstone would I prefer: a traditional above ground headstone, a flush headstone or some other memorial like a bench or bronze flush marker. Would I like the ability to plant a garden in front of my memorial?

4. Will any other members of the family like to eventually be buried nearby?

5. What is my budget?


Woodvale Cemetery provides a traditional burial option in a single grave or double depth option. It also provides the option to plant gardens on above ground burial lots if you so chose.


Woodvale offers a variety of cremation burial options for families that choose this option. Choices include traditional burials within any of our open sections. One or more burials can be accommodated in a single grave.

Woodvale Cemetery also offers designated gardens in one of three locations throughout the cemetery, with each garden offering a different way to memorialize a love one. Upright, flush or bronze headstones are options that families can choose from in one of these cremation gardens.

For families that would prefer to be interred above ground, Woodvale Cemetery offers two columbaria, one offers a bronze plaque for memorialization of a loved one and the other offers engraved granite covers as a memorial option.


This options allows for families to be buried together in an area that allows for creativity. Benches, gardens, a family memorial and possibly a small statue can all be part of your design. These areas are available on a requested basis and are priced based on square footage.


Woodvale Cemetery also offers a veterans section for those who served our country and their spouses.

As with all your choices maintenance of the property in perpetuity is included.

The Woodvale staff is readily available to meet with you to further discuss all burial options available including interest free terms.