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Where is Woodvale Cemetery located?

Woodvale Cemetery is located in Middleburg Hts., Ohio at the corner of Engle Road and Fowles Road.

Does Woodvale Cemetery have available burial space?

Woodvale Cemetery has 15 acres of land that is still undeveloped in addition to the 35 acres that are developed.  Families will continue to have grave space available for many years to come as their final resting place.  For more information please call our office at (440) 826 – 3455 or email info@woodvalecemetery.com.

What are the benefits of pre–arrangement?

Pre–arrangement of cemetery services eliminates many of the decisions that a surviving loved one or family member must make when a death occurs.  Pre-arrangement allows you to choose what you want at today's cost with finance options.  Pre–arrangement also locks in today’s cost forever.

Who can be buried in a burial space?

The owners of the burial space or spaces have the right of burial.  Owners can also give the right of burial to anyone by designating a space for that person.  If an owner or owners are deceased and burial spaces are still available the next of kin will have the right of burial.

Who owns the burial space?

When you purchase a burial space, you are purchasing “interment rights”, meaning the right to designate who may be interred in the grave space.  Interment rights include the right to place a memorial and garden or flower vase as permitted.  Right of interment may be purchased for a full casket space or cremated remains.

What are interment fees for?

Interment fees include the following services:  administration, permanent record keeping, documentation, opening and closing of the grave, interment set up, leveling and maintenance of the grave space, all supplies and other services.

If I purchased a burial space and I no longer wish to be buried at Woodvale Cemetery what are my options?

Cemetery policy requires that the owner write a letter stating their desire to sell or release the burial space(s) back to Woodvale Cemetery according to terms as outlined in the signed purchase agreement.

Send all requests to: 

Woodvale Cemetery
7535 Engle Road
Middleburg Hts., Ohio 44130

Does Woodvale Cemetery have options for cremation burial?

In–Ground Option:  There are Cremation Gardens available at Woodvale Cemetery that has burial spaces that can accommodate up to three cremations.  Memorial options can be flush or above ground depending on which choice of cremation garden.

Above–Ground Option:  Woodvale Cemetery has two columbarium units that are fabricated out of granite.  One or two urns can be placed in each unit.  Our newest unit is called The Garden of Angels and is located near Fowles Road entrance.  

Are there any restrictions of who can be interred at Woodvale Cemetery?

Woodvale Cemetery is a non–denominational cemetery that serves families from all communities.

What benefit do I get if I am a resident of Berea or Middleburg Hts.?

Families that are residents of the cities of Berea or Middleburg Hts. receive a discount towards the purchase of a grave space and interment fees.

Who operates Woodvale Cemetery?

Woodvale Cemetery is jointly owned and operated by the cities of Berea and Middleburg Hts.

How do I go about purchasing cemetery burial space?

You can contact us at (440) 826 – 3455 or by email at info@woodvalecemetery.com to make an appointment.  We are available Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M.  – 4:30 P.M. and on Saturdays 8:00 A.M. – Noon.

Does Woodvale Cemetery have any financing terms available?

For immediate need all fees associated with the interment need to be paid prior to the burial all other services and for pre–arrangement of burial service Woodvale Cemetery offers financing with 50% down and the balance paid at 0% interest for over one year.  Payments can be monthly, quarterly, semi–annual or yearly.

I would like a traditional in–ground casket burial but my spouse would like to be cremated. What options does Woodvale Cemetery offer?

Cremated remains can be interred in the same grave as a traditional in–ground casket burial.  For more information please contact us at (440) 826 – 3455 or by email at info@woodvalecemetery.com to discuss all your options.


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